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is considering selling the sports and entert n entertainment that owns the staple center and los angeles kings and hoping to bring the nfl back to los angeles. it would garner a lot of money, conceivably, jane wells, wouldn't it? it's a big potential price tag. >> this could end up being bigger than the dodgers sale based on the real estate alone. it's a sprawling empire co-owning the l.a. kings and it also owns lchl a. live next door with the nokia theater. the company is in the middle of a long, frugal process to build a million dollar-plus football stadium in l.a. and selling the naming rights to farmers insurance. even though it's believed aeg would not break ground until the nfl agrees to bring a franchise back and then there is aeg's concert business. >>. >> one more time. the company was going to sponsor michael jackson's comeback tour and just last week dropped its insurance claim because of the singer's death. it had a piece of the film "this is it" which grossed $72 million. it owns the galaxy, david beckham's team and why sell now? we don't know if there are issues behind the scenes
to los angeles and julia boorstin has more news on nintendo. >> more detail about the new tv program they're offering. it's a technology that's offered for free with all of its wii u consols. this will allow users to search across video on demand platforms. that means it's integrating hulu plus, netflix, amazon and also, your dv rr. search all of your video content in one place. go and watch different kinds of content. it also allows users to create individual profiles, nintendo will remember what kinds of shows you like and make recommendations based on those references. this puts them in direct competition with microsoft with their, box 360 and sony with their playstation. they're both trying to be the entertainment hub for their living room. this shows the video game makers are try dog more than just games. carl? >> shows how many choices we're going to have in the future as they try to win the living room. >>> still to come, we'll be joined by a member of the joint member's advisory council. what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports... cat
. julia boorstin is live in los angeles with more details. >> reporter: this is clearly a move to reassure investors and based on wall street and analysts' reactions so far it seems to be working helping bolster the stock after it hit yet another all time low yesterday. now we have to keep in mind that ceo mark zuckerberg is not just ceo but also the company's largest share holder. the filing says he won't sell any shares or options for at least 12 months and currently he has no plans to sell beyond that. though the filing also discloses that directors will sell shares, they're only doing so in order to cover taxes with no other plans to sell. this of course is a stark contrast to early investor peter teal's sale of most of his shares. >>> another boost for the stock. the company explained it will take 101 million shares out of circulation as it covers taxes for its employees at restricted stock units. that will function just like a stock buy back of just under 4% of the company's shares. now many analysts are calling this news a mild positive saying that the fact that zuckerberg isn't sel
, thanks so much, from los angeles. >> verifone shares are down sharply after reporting weaker than expected third-quarter number. the credit card swipe machine citing swings and competition in europe. joining us is doug bergeron, chairman and ceo of verifone. it's a pleasure to speak with you. >> good morning, melissa. >> your stock has had a terribly painful six months, stock down 24%, not even including the 10% decline we're seeing in today's session. i want to go to what a lot of critics say. the bears and shorts will say that perhaps the industry is in a structural decline right now. how can you possibly xaet with competitors like foursquare who are giving away their hardware for free when you're reliant on selling your hardware? >> square is a payment processor. let me tell you where we stand in the industry. we have 20 million of the 45 million lanes in the world running verifone systems. all of these new payments entrance, isis, google, paypal, they want to co-exist and verifone has cut deals with all of them. we're allowing them to get wide proliferation at millions of plac
. and i now know, having spoken to a number of people out in chicago, and a number of people here in los angeles, that because of the market manipulation that is taking place, it's highly unlikely and therefore not probable we'll get that 1% prince tht this year. so i was wrong. >> i think the moment you decided that was the moment the fed spoke, right? it was a week ago thursday. >> again, in early -- in early july, when i joined you from europe and we were talking about the many problems in europe and some of the things that were happening, since then obviously you've had the ecb tell you they're going to do whatever they have to do. i think really here it's this idea that true price discovery in the bond market is not occurring. and in any market, whether it be stocks, equities, bonds, options, commodities, future, when manipulation and true price discovery is not there, fundamental cases, and in this case fundamental cases just won't prevail. >> the same thing can be said about some strategists who cover equities and who've had to say the same thing in the last week, gary. talk to yo
guidance. last night in los angeles the company unveiled its super charger network for recharging model-s car batteries. these tesla super-chargers will provide owners with a quick charge when they're on long trips. by the way, a prequick charge, the model-s tesla super-chargers are already operating in six locations in california. they're expecting to expand rapidly across the country. >> within two years, we'll cover almost the entire united states with super-chargers. you'll be able to travel practically anywhere. >> the idea here is that they are answering the one problem that a lot of people have with electric cars, which you are range-bound. you can't go across the country if you want to. tesla says that will not be the case. take a look at shares, up 45%, carl, since the ipo a little over two years ago. i remember at the time, we were in times square and the stock had a nice pop off at the beginning. i remember talking to a number of people and they said, those people are fools. they're buying into this company and it's going to come crashing down. two years later it's up 45%. >>
planning a web radio service. julia boorstin is live in los angeles with much more on this story. julia? >> pandora's domination of internet radio could come to an end if apple launches a rival treem streaming radio app. it hasn't been a threat to pandora which is entirely focused on apps. 72% market share and 6% of the total radio market. pandora's free ad radio service and nearly twice as many people have radio apps on their phones as music store apps. pandora's stock is plummeting because half of its listeners comes from apple's devices. apple's advantage is that in addition to being preinstalled on its devices, sources tell me apple is negotiating with record labels to give it more flexibility and higher margins than pandora which has yet to report a profit. it wants to keep people inside the apple ecosystem for all of their music needs. apple can send people to buy songs from itunes. it currently lags pandora. pandora will grow mobile ad revenue to more than three times apple's by 2014. when it comes to this rumor here and this report that sources are telling me about, both pandora
on the west coast between san francisco, los angeles, and seattle. in the middle of the u.s., houston and dallas, expect them to add chicago and probably another eight cities, carl. what we're going to see from emirates is a full-on press over the next five years to make the u.s. a major destination or a place where they can take their passengers to the middle east. and what we're seeing in washington today, we're going to see that replicated many more times in the years to come. >> fascinating wrinkle. phil lebeau back at hq today. >>> michael kors not only a household name in the fashion world, but back in november, stock's up over 100%. he wrapped up fashion week and joins us this morning with simon hobb. >> welcome backstage at new york fashion week. michael kors completed their fashion show. the man that bears the business name joins us. welcome to cnbc. >> thank you very much. great to be here. >> congratulations. what are you laying out? as you look at the pictures of the fashion show, what are you laying out that you believe people will buy in the spring of next year? >> well,
, jane wells, from los angeles. speaking of food costs we can't forget to mention it's officially nfl season. don't brag, jane. what effect might it have on the bev makers and sellers? jonathan phoenixy, a senior analyst at montgomery scott. guys, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start broadly. the dynamics jane spelled out regarding costs, are they offset seasonally by more consumption in the fall? does football season make a difference? >> it doesn't make that much difference in terms of consumption. if you look at where salty snacks are sold, it's pretty everybodily distributed throughout the year. there's a lot more soft drinks sold in the summer than the nal months. so i mean no. the point that has to be made also is some of the commodities are going down and some of the commodity is going up. so aluminum costs are down, plastic costs are down. thankfully they're not buying any chicken, coke, or pepsi, so there's a little bit of an offset right now. >> well said. and that's why some are on your buy left, is that correct? >> these correct. >>
on the street." here's what's happening so far. >> i imagine you're on an airplane flying from here to los angeles, you're probably going to get there okay but if you hit an air pocket and meaning if the economy goes down there is not an easy way to reverse it. >> be careful, central banks may also be containing the recovery, because of the distortions they impose. >> this is a cult, and in a cult you wait. this is not, it doesn't seem like it's competitive. like i can't get the phone i'm going to go to switch to another phone. that's why i say this is a phenomena that you start thinking now i know how apple got to $704. they have the right pricing, the right merchandise at the right time but these are remarkable. they're on fire, and it does remind you that if you take, if you short kors which people did off of burberry you're getting your hand handed to you today. [ bell ringing ] >> all right, there's the opening bell. >> there's not a better investment story out there. this is the biggest product category we've actually ever seen and just happens to be in the most profitable product ca
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11